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Venetian Pool, Coral Gables, FL - 2701 DeSoto Boulevard

Lagoon carved of coral rock, formerly a rock quarry for the building of the first homes in George E. Merrick's Coral Gables, FL.

Photo of Venetian Pool located in Coral Gables, Florida.  This photo was taken from the east side of the pool looking west at the historic building, which was recently restored. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1981, over 100,000 people visit the pool yearly. The pool was originally a coral rock quarry for George E. Merricks' Coral Gables Subdivision.  The rock was used for the entry arches and some of the first homes in the area. 

It is separated into several swimming areas.  A small island seen in the background of the photo separates the pool into a children's area  which is shallow and connected with the steps from the historic building.  An arch seen in this photo allows access to the island and a lifeguard stand.  The area of the foreground is a medium depth area for stronger swimmers.  The area to the right of the photo is a deeper and for advanced swimmers.  The pool formerly had a dual purpose as it was drained for community events as the bottom of the pool is generally flat and smooth.   

A cave area not shown in this photo is popular and contains an underwater entry and shallow ledges to sit on.  Several waterfalls are located on the perimeter of the pool.  The city allowed diving from the top of the waterfall and later closed this area.  In addition to the caves, there are stone bridges, and waterfalls.   

For many years the pool was a "dump and fill" pool filled with fresh water directly from Florida's underground acquifer.



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